Alessandra Mileo

The Role
Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Alessandra Mileo is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the School of Computing, and a Funded Investigator in the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics and a Funded Investigator in the I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Dublin City University. Before moving to Dublin City University (DCU), she was a Senior Research Fellow in the NUIG site of INSIGHT, where she has acquired funding from both the EU and Industry to built and led a team of post-doctoral researchers and postgraduate students. She has been a co-PI in the EU FP7 project CityPulse (<>) and  a PI in several Targeted Projects funded by Cisco Systems around semantic stream processing of IoT data in Enterprise Communication Systems.

Dr. Mileo joined the School of Computing in DCU in 2016, where she continues to be part of INSIGHT, bringing in complementary expertise and opening up new opportunities for synergies across the Centre’s sites and across different scientific communities. As part of her engagement within the Centre, she has been actively involved as a Funded Investigator in preparing the proposal for a second phase, ‘Insight-2’, which builds up the achievement of Insight-1 across research, industry collaboration, education and public engagement.

Dr. Mileo has advanced the state-of-the-art in designing and implementing techniques to handle the variety and velocity aspects of Big Data, becoming a pioneer researcher in the areas of Stream Reasoning. Her expertise and contribution focuses on investigating the trade-off between scalability and expressivity of stream reasoning for Big Data and proposing new solutions which, among others, rely on the combination of qualitative (knowledge-driven) and quantitative (data-drive) approaches to reasoning and learning. In 2018 she received a direct research donation from Nokia Bell-Labs for exploring new methods to enhance deep neural representations with external knowledge.

She is currently an active PC member of more than 40 conferenes including AAAI, IJCAI, KR, ISWC, ESWC, ICDE and EKAW among others, and high impact Journals including the SEmantic Web Journa (IOS), the Journal of Web Semantcs (Elsevier), Internet of Things Journal (IEEE) and Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (Cambridge University Press). She is a steering committee member of the Web REasoning and Rule Systems Associatin (RRA), member of the Assiciation of Logic Programming (ALP) and member of the Italian AI Associatin (AI*IA).

In the last 5 years, Dr. Mileo has been involved as Program Chair, organiser, panelist and PC Member of several conferences, tutorials, workshops, Doctoral Consortium tracks and summer schools in the are aof Stream Reasoning and Semantic Data Analytics. Recent relevant events include: ESWC 2015 where she chaired the RDF Stram Processing Workshop and organised the tutorial on Semantics for Smart Cities; RR2015 (Int’l Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems) where she acted as a chair and lecturer and the co-located Summer School; ISWC 2015 and ISWC 2017 where she has co-chaired a series of tutorials on Stream Reasoning; EU ERA conference 2015 where she acted as a panelist at the Open Science and Society panel session. Dr. Mileo is also registered to the EC Research and Innovation participants portal as an expert (ID: EX2015D232419), acting as an Evaluator to assist the Commission in the implementation of Horizon 2020 across several programmes.