Martin Klepal

The Role
Trinity College Dublin

Dr Martin Klepal leads the People Behaviour & Technology Integration group at Nimbus Research Centre, Cork institute of Technology, specializing in the development of next generation cloud based applications, systems, products and solutions specifically designed to encourage people engagement and improve urban spaces. He is also a Funded Investigator at Enable.

Martin holds patent on the self-calibration mechanism of localisation systems and co-founded the spinout company Showguider Ltd,  a campus company to commercialise research in people engagement technologies.

He is currently coordinating the E2District EU H2020-EE-2015-RIA project on energy efficient optimised district heating and cooling (2016-2019) and managing Moeebius, the H2020, EeB-07-2015 project  aiming to improve district energy performance predictability by people behaviour and demand modelling to facilitate new ESCO business models (2015-2019).

Martin has been also a scientific and technical manager in number of FP7 projects such as the LocON project on safety systems for critical infrastructure protection.